Why are flexible office spaces important?

What exactly are flexible office spaces?
First, let’s define what flexible office spaces are– flexible office spaces are centered around providing businesses of all sizes with versatile spaces, short-term leases, and services to meet their office needs.

Nexus Workspaces is an excellent example of what a flexible office space can look like and offer. Nexus was designed to help businesses of all types succeed: Small, large, growing, or start-up. We offer extensive services and customizable packages to help you manage day-to-day operations, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you.

Why is it called flexible office space?
It’s called flexible working because it’s used to describe any office space that does not stick to your traditional workspace model. Flexible office spaces allow you to work from home, have a virtual office, rent out meeting spaces, and even work part-time. Usually, those who choose to work in an office space set their own schedules and office hours.

Why are flexible office spaces important, and why should you make the switch?
According to workflexibility.org, people who join flexible office working, have reported higher work satisfaction, with a 13% increase in productivity. Flexible working allows employees to work when they want, how they want, and generally where they want. Flexible offices spaces, like Nexus, give you all that, plus convenient locations close to home, providing employees with a greater work-life balance.

Making the switch to a flexible office space can be extremely cost-effective. Unlike the traditional office space, you don’t have to pay for maintenance services, security services, or cleaning services. Flexible office spaces often offer both long- and short-term leases and can reduce operational costs for companies, while maximizing space simultaneously. According to valuepenguin.com, flexible office spaces can be 60-70% more cost effective than the traditional office lease with 30+ employees. Traditional offices with brick-and-mortar require long leases, and not to mention expense ones! The higher the square footage, the higher your rent will probably be.

What are some of the pros of flexible office spaces?

  • Networking opportunities
    Working within flexible office spaces means you have a higher chance of working with dedicated professionals in both different and similar industries, creating synergies and various networking opportunities.
  • Quiet spaces
    Since most people in flexible office spaces are usually their own employers, there isn’t much room for distractions. Nexus prides itself in its executive office business model, fostering a productive environment for business owners and its employees.
  • Multiple workstations
    Access to a conference room, an office, a courtyard.

    Courtyard at the Nexus Workspaces Boca Raton Location.
  • Built-in office layout
    Built-in amenities such as gyms and fitness facilities, kitchen, conference room access at no additional cost.
  • Waived fees
    Waived maintenance fee, security fee, and cleaning fee.

Here at Nexus, we believe in finding the right solution for you, and we believe in taking your business to the next level. Visit our Contact page to get started!