Business Spotlight: The Pink Queen Foundation

Nexus Workspaces is where professionals go to achieve their goals. Our various office spaces and extensive services accommodates the needs of all businesses types: small, large, growing or start-up. For this month’s business spotlight, we’re featuring a non-profit foundation whose mission is to  provide hope baskets to cancer survivors that are currently under treatment.

  1. How did The Pink Queen Foundation get started?

TPQF was established in 2016. Our founder, Tenecia, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 37 with two young children at home. During her treatments, other recently diagnosed women reached out to her to form a supportive community. She recognized the opportunity and created baskets with items that are needed throughout the surgery recovery, chemo, and radiation treatments.

  1. How do you approach men and women who are cancer survivors, and how does your nonprofit set yours apart?

Our mission is to make a personal connection with cancer survivors currently undergoing treatments. We can connect with the survivor and their caretaker to learn about their diagnosis, assist them where needed and learn about treatment plan(s). This allows us to connect cancer survivors with our network of survivors for support.

  1. What has been your proudest moment thus far?

Clients that finish their treatments and decide to contact the foundation to volunteer and advocate for the organization are some of the best moments for us. Also, word of mouth referrals for in-kind donations and monetary support are great morale boosters.

  1. How has Nexus Workspaces allowed you to manage your non-profit organization?

Nexus is an amazing partner by allowing us to host our Jeep event in the parking lot, allowing us to put more money back into the organization instead of spending money on rental space. We also regularly utilize the conference space for our board and cancer support meetings.

  1. Why did you choose the name, The Pink Queen?

When the name was selected for the organization, it was a decision based on the survivor’s personal cancer journey. She considered herself a Queen who fought through the journey and earned a pink ribbon.

  1. What is the meaning behind the logo?

The ribbon on the head represents a faceless human being that has embarked upon the journey. The ribbon represents a man or woman – cancer impacts everyone. The top across the chest is a crown turned upside down. This represents that the queen can wear her crown as apparel. The “HOPE” sleeve on the arm represents the journey of lymphedema that cancer survivors deal with daily.

  1. Why did you choose Nexus?

The Nexus location in West Palm Beach is centrally located and has the amenities we needed for our headquarters: a breakroom area, conference room, and workout room. We also liked the convenience of having water, light, phone, and internet service included in the contract.

  1. What advice do you have for others considering flex workspace for their organization?

If you are looking to keep your overhead costs down, which can include the maintenance of managing office space, but still want to have the benefit of running a business in a professional office setting at an affordable rate, flex workspace is an option you should seriously consider.

Creating personal connections from a remote office

The “new normal” of work has left employees wanting a more flexible work lifestyle. Nexus Workspaces has experience with balancing the needs of a remote workforce while still building highly effective teams. Although their corporate office is located in Florida, Nexus Workspaces has navigated remote work for 8 years.

Even though flexible working looks different than traditional office-based work, especially in an office like Nexus Workspaces, humans still will seek to interact with one another.

Here are some tips for building and fostering great team culture for your business, even remotely:

  1. Communication
    Communicating with your team is crucial. Being reliable and able to communicate often with your team members plays a big role in your employees’ success. We recommend Zoom calls, camera on!
  2. Care about your employees
    According to research done by Forbes, showing employees you care about their wellbeing, results in them being more passionate, self-motivated and willing to achieve more.
  3. Define your company core values and missions
    This is vital to reinforce with your employees. Company values and missions are the foundation for your company culture and expectations of others. Ask yourself questions about your own personal beliefs and values. Or the types of qualities in people you admire.

By creating and fostering great team culture, you will be rewarded with higher employee engagement and productivity. Making your job easier!