Should the work week consist of 30 hours max? Here’s what we think.

Should the Workweek Consist of 30 Hours maximum? Here’s what we think.


Plenty of companies around the world have introduced the 30-hour workweek instead of the usual 40 hours. Where did the 40-hour workweek originate? According to Business Insider, the idea came from a post-civil war United States, where Franklin D. Roosevelt enacted the New Deal policy that made working 40 hours a week the American standard to amend preceding labor exploitation that occurred during the Great Depression. However, when we consider how much times have changed since then, does a 30-hour work week seem like it could be the new 40-hour workweek?


Let’s look at the pros and cons of a 30-hour workweek:




Work/ life balance increase Employers might feel that are getting “less bang for their buck”, resulting in micromanagement of employees
Increased employee happiness Work projects might take longer to complete
Increased employee wellness Potential higher levels of stress to “get it all done” in 30 hours
Greater productivity due to being able to focus their work Stigma around not working enough or working more than your coworkers

How will you know if making the switch is right for your company? Here are some things to consider:


  1. Will the switch make my company more productive? The end goal of all business is to be productive and efficient with its goals. Is making the switch to the 30-hour work week beneficial to those factors? As a business owner, this is a must ask question.
  2. How will your employees feel about making this kind of switch? In our pros and cons list, stigma around working the 30-hour work week might influence how your employees feel, especially if they are accustomed to working
  3. Is making the switch the reasonable for the area of Business you are in? Just because it seems fitting, does it mean that the general public will adapt. For example, if you have certain customers with needs, or the work is simply more labor like construction, you might need to consider working the full amount of hours.



In the corporate world, most people are overworked, especially in 2021, and this can cause mental and physical stress. Deciding on a 30-hour work week may be beneficial to them, but not all businesses may adapt. Using our pros and cons list may help you into deciding which works best for you and your business.


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