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6 Ways to Stay Productive

  1. Start each day with a plan

    At the beginning of each day, jot down the tasks you’d like to accomplish, starting with the most difficult or time-consuming. Getting them out of the way first thing in the morning will help set the tone for the day. Completing the most difficult tasks on the list will give you the momentum to continue throughout the day and allowing you to be as productive as possible.

  2. Optimizing your email communication

    According to Forbes, emailing back and forth can be counterproductive and waste a lot of your time throughout the day. If you catch your email chain going beyond two or three replies, you should probably have the conversation over the phone in order to maximize efficiency.

  3. Planning your week on Fridays

    This tip is the most under-utilized! Whenever that Friday feeling kicks in, we’re all guilty of getting ahead of ourselves and planning for the weekend. We recommend planning for the upcoming week on Friday instead of waiting until Monday rolls around. This allows you to get a head start and plan your week accordingly. 

  4. Rewarding yourself

    Sometimes, a pick-me-up is the best form of motivation! Incentives can vary by person, but whether that means treating yourself to something sweet or a short break at your nearby park, we encourage you to do it! We all need to recharge and allowing yourself to do things that bring you joy are not only important but can also bring out your most productive self.  

  5. Setting a bedtime and sticking to it

    Sleep is crucial to productivity. Studies show that a good night’s rest boosts productivity. According to, sleep deprivation symptoms are more than just feeling tired. They also include lack of cognitive function, which affects concentration, the ability to make decisions and job performance. In order to avoid this, we recommend developing a bedtime routine and avoiding any technology one hour before bed. 

  6. Exercise Regularly

    Busy working professionals might have a difficult time fitting exercise into their schedules, but taking time to give your body some movement has proven to be beneficial in many aspects. Studies have shown that implementing an exercise regime can increase productivity, reduce stress, combat fatigue, and improve performance! While you’re working on planning your week on Fridays, try to add a workout or two in your schedule!
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