Business Spotlight: The Sanctuary for Mind, Body & Spirit

Nexus Workspaces is where professionals go to achieve their goals. Our various office spaces and extensive services accommodates the needs of all businesses types: small, large, growing or start-up. This week, we’re starting a new series where we highlight some of our tenants and featuring Sheila, an energy healer that works out of the Nexus Wellington location.


  1. Tell us about your business! How did you get started?

The Sanctuary for Mind, Body & Spirit helps people access peace, calm high-level stress, and heal emotionally and physically. Today’s modern world is full of distractions with social media, chiming phones, 24-hour news cycle, and endless emails. The Sanctuary provides a haven for people to disconnect from the pressures of life, so they can reconnect with themselves and tap into their inner guidance for purpose, meaning, joy, love and abundance. Our main aim is to reduce stress because stress is known to cause a host of physical, emotional, and mental issues.

We lead people to harmony and balance via:

  • Reiki – a form of energy healing that transfers universal life force energy to promote the recipient’s self-healing abilities.
  • Crystal Healing – Gemstones are placed on the body for relaxation and realignment of negative energy blocks.
  • Guided Meditation – Calming the mind and slowing down the nervous system so that we become aware of our thoughts and body.
  • Breathwork – Conscious connected breathing induces peace and releases tension and stuck emotions.
  • Events – A line up of events promote stillness, self-awareness, and spiritual healing.


The Sanctuary was born out of a quest to relieve myself from anxiety, depression, and dissatisfaction in life. Once I self-healed from a negative mindset and found peace, I knew I needed to bring this level of personal freedom to others!


  1. How do you feel Nexus has impacted your vision of serving as a safe and supportive place for people?

Nexus Workspaces has been an awesome place to start my business. The facilities are immaculate, and I feel proud when my clients come to my office that they enter such a beautiful and grand building. The property manager is the best. From my first encounter with him, I felt like he was my friend and like he cared about my success. I thought it was our connection, but I’ve watched him interact with other tenants and he treats everyone the same way, like they matter. The receptionist is an absolute delight and the fact that my clients have a lovely, smiling face to check in with, really elevates the look and perception of my business.


  1. What do you love most about your job?

For many people, when they first start engaging with energy healing, there’s usually a storm raging in them. They’re stressed out, have relationship problems, or persistent physical ailments. The most satisfying part about my job is being witness to their evolution in healing over time. I love watching people’s layers of emotional turmoil, frustration, unforgiveness peel back little by little to reveal their true purpose in life and an empowered part of themselves that was hiding underneath the drama, distractions and pain. It’s such an honor to hold space for them to love themselves again and make healthier decisions with their body, thoughts and relationships. The transformations have been profound and about 90% of the people who have experienced one of my energy healing sessions schedules another.


  1. What would be your one piece of advice to someone who is beginning their journey achieve mental, and physical freedom?

Consciously breathing saved my life. Although I employed many healing modalities like sound healing, crystals, and journaling, I would say breathing was the largest catalyst in my journey of peeling back my layers of trapped emotions. The best starting place is to download a meditation app like Insight Timer or Calm and let them guide you until you can do it on your own.

  1. What does a typical day look like for you?

The first thing I do after waking up and brushing my teeth is to consciously breathe. Then I do a short meditation, my daily affirmations, and some stretching. When I arrive to my office at Nexus, I check the emails to my two businesses – The Sanctuary and a freelance graphic design practice. I field phone calls throughout the day and attend client virtual meetings. If I’m not working on a graphic project, I’m conducting an energy healing session. Or I’ll do something toward the growth of The Sanctuary such as update my blog, manage my social channels, or optimize my website for SEO. After I get home, make dinner, and spend time with my family, I end my night journaling, reading, connecting with one of my crystals, or playing with my sound bowl.

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